Clear Object Drawing -Jamie Murphy

            For this project I drew a clear object. I chose a clear glass cup, because it seemed moderately different with its cylinder shape. It's bottom had design in the glass, which was also clear. I thought it would be nice to have a different type of thing that I've never drawn before. 

            With my clear drawing I tried using new things i've never used before. Such as drawing with charcoal. At first I had to start out my drawing with a mid-tone by shading the charcoal and smoothing it over with my hand. I then drew the cup as i saw it. I constantly used the eraser to show the light spots in the cup. I smoothed out the charcoal so lighten up the darker spots. All of my previous work I've done was with pencil, or other commonly easy to use materials like that. Never Charcoal, where I can shade the colors to how i want.  

            Overall this drawing was a very well planned out new experience for me.