Clearly Cianni

Before I made my slide I read the presentation zen link to see what a nice slide should consist of.  The information I got from Presentation zen was to make my letters big, contrast colors , use pictures not a lot of words , and have one theme. So based off the information I decided to make the theme of my slideshow about who I am as a person and put some symbols to describe me. The urban michel basquiat crown  is to symbolize me being a princess. On my slide there is a melting diamond , it symbolizes me not being perfect because no diamond is perfect but still is beautiful and shines very bright. Lastly there is a heart made by people holding hands. I decided to put that there because I have a big heart and I always try to give people a helping hand. My slide has a black background with ombre colors as my title. Presentation zen suggested that people should use contrast colors when trying to make something stand out.  Presentation zen influenced my slide a lot. The title of my slide is Clearly Cianni because the slide clearly describes who I am.   

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