Climate Change Monologue Project

In this unit we learned about Climate Change and how its effecting country's around the world. We were suppose to make three different monologues with three different people showing how they feel about Climate Change. The first monologue is about how a man who lost everything in the 2011 tsunami that happened in Japan. The second monologue is about a farmer complaining about all the bad things that are happening to him due to Climate change. The last monologue is about a teacher who is teaching her students about Climate change when something dramatic takes place.

Monologue 1# Video

"I lost everything"

Sitting down on reservation serving food talking to volunteers

I used to be the company manager of Intec the leading business in technical advances. We were making breakthrough discoveries when on march 11. The tsunami hit us i was in my office going through our recent results in a new energy source. The clouds were heavy and it was raining. I saw some big waves forming they were pretty far up shore. I mean my first thought was wow that's a pretty big wave Then the ground started to shake this earthquake was so powerful the building started to shake i could see some of the ceiling cracking.I tried to rush out the building but it started to collapse i didn't even know the tsunami hit till water started to leak in my space. I lost my arm that day. I had been pinned by one of the pillars in the building for five days. Till someone finally found me. That was the worst disaster that has every happened in japan I lost many of my friends thankfully my family took shelter. I lost my company, all my research and my arm. People need to realize that climate change is happening and even though it might not be occurring where they are at its affecting other people. I almost died that day. Once we rebuild I will make it my duty to bring notice to climate change. I am a survivor and a voice for all those who didn't survive.

Monologue 2#

"City Folk"

Hey bill (sits on porch) hows it goin wit you and the family… Well you know me i'm fine my momma raised a survivor. (grabs beer takes a sip) ahhh man nothing like a beer on a sunday. You know the kids been complaining lately talking about all this heat. I told them to suck it up. Man dis damn heat is killing me and my crops. Not even summer yet. Just yesterday I went outside saw all my crops are brown. The ground is hard as rock. Don't know where the water dun gone. Them greedy city-folk been using all that water. Mary been saving up all the water for the week. I don't know how much of all this I can take..( takes another sip) them bill collectors been circling my house lately they're like vultures.  Been threatening to evict me and my family.       They can try my shotgun right by my door let them step on my property. I've been trying to make money but my crops been all dying can't sell nothing all the money I been saving up to pay the electricity. Can't even feed my kids bill (starts sobbing) . All dis been happening cuz of dem city-folk wit all that smoke going up in sky. The news said so. They said umm.. it was climate change. If I don't see some changes in how the government see climate change I might go to New York myself and my shotgun tell them what to do. (Drinks the last of beer) Well alright bill I gotta go Mary will be looking for me soon.    Hey good luck to you to. (exits porch walks away)

Monologue 3#

"Climate change"

In today's lesson we will be learning about climate change. Climate change is important class because in recent studies scientists have found out it is occurring already. Alright Richard (points to student) could you tell the class what climate change is since you seem the most optimistic. That's right Richard did everyone hear him. He said that climate change is when the weather starts to change and have different weather patterns. Could someone some tell me why this is important (chooses student) yes  sally … thank you but that's not exactly right, climate change is important now because over the last century our world has become warmer this is resulting in melting polar ice caps, extreme droughts, and intense rain. There are more harmful effects to. (lightning flashes outside with a big boom as the thunder scares the class.) Ooh that scared me you see class look out side (teacher points towards windows) this rain is an example of climate change this is the most rainfall Philadelphia has ever gotten. Climate change is happening because of the pollution humans are causing. (load noise starts up) Some people are trying to get the government to take notice of climate change. That's why there will be a march in New York during a UN meeting to get them to talk about climate change and I having been thinking for the 9th grade field trip to everyone can march with them. Whats that noise?!!! (Storm gets worse) School starts to shake. Alright everyone leave your stuff and leave the room we have to get you to safety. (she leads the class in the hallway Roof comes off. Hurry up run.. its a tornado.(panting) (tornado comes through the building screams everything becomes silent.)