Climate Change Monologue Project

​In this unit we learned how climate change affects people all around the world in many ways. We got to see videos and articles towards this issue. We also got a chance to write our own monologues.

(a girl is being told that she has lost loved ones and now is going on a rant about climat change)

Missing Out

What happened to the rest of us? Why are there only a little bit of us? You mean she is gone and so is he? Well that can’t be right, please tell me it is not right, right?

(runs hands through hair furiously)

Huh, how the hell did it come to this. Oh yea I heard bubba and mumma talking about how the air was being polluted by smoke filled with nasty things, yeah and then they went on that trip to the philippines where the typhoon hit and now are somewhere else far away from here. Why, Why did people decide that certain things had to be built on earth and other things had to be done on earth. What is wrong with earth that you have to change all the time, and now with all of the change happening we will never know when the earth will come to an end, it could be today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow or a year from today.

(makes random and unnecessary hand gestures)

Many of you realize what you are doing to the earth, but are not doing anything about it. Why don’t you want to do anything about, I just don’t understand. You decide to waste money by putting things on and in earth that will not help it, but destroy it more instead putting that money to good use and find ways to help the earth. People, honestly, do you not realize what is happening here. Just like everyone is saying there are things going into the air that are not supposed to be there, yet you sit around at look at what is happening, might as well you a drink and some popcorn and call this a movie because you are not doing anything to help what is happening on this earth, now because of people like you that ignore the problems factories and everything else brings I no longer have anyone or anything to call home. Now go take a long walk and think about what you have done.

(a secret animal is talking to a random guy even though he doesn't understand him)

Unheard Voice

I saw you walking past me just a few minutes ago, so I slyly moved down the street hiding from any sign of danger you might bring me, but you didn’t do anything. Peeking to see if everything is alright, coast clear? Alright. There goes my cousin, oh and brother and sister. We are all out here, we hardly ever get enough food or water. Everytime it rains we have to run and hide. Nowhere is really safe for us. We don’t have a family because they want us,  just to throw us away into the streets. Many of us died in the typhoon, too much to try and keep count. It is a miracle some of us managed to survive. I’ve heard you and others talk about how something is being put in the air, carbon dioxide. I knew something was wrong with the air I breathe, you breathe, we all breathe. They say we are supposed to inhale the good and exhale the bad yet everything we inhale and exhale is bad.I also heard people say the water is becoming a little too dangerous to drink, just a little, yet I drink it or else I will die. I know people like you put these bad things on this earth because I’ve heard you say it and other people say it. We didn’t do anything to deserve this. You never realize how this can affect us or anyone else. It is already bad enough many of us die every day from starvation, abuse and cruelty. It isn’t fair to us, we suffer from the things that are caused by you humans. Humans why do you have to do this to us. What did we ever do to you. This might seem all about me, but I am speaking for everyone who feels the same way, we suffer everyday because of you and this how you think respect should be earned, please. If only you can truly feel how much pain this has caused us. Everything you have done to this world. You don’t even realize the way it affects you. You are destroying the earth little by little and don’t realize it until someone decides to shove in your face, but even then you still don’t realize it. Now what am I rambling about, nothing really, and you would not pay attention anyway. Though I should stop talking since no one really cares about the feelings of a cat.

(an amish mother is writing a letter to a random person in the city)

Letter From An Amish Mother

Taking care of five kids is just as hard as it sounds, probably even harder, but I don’t think so. Living here in Ohio has gotten real hard for us, what with the climate change and all. Being the seventh most populous doesn’t help either. In the summer whenever I want to grow things to feed the family I can’t because of all the carbon dioxide in the air. It ruins my crops just when they are ready for picking. I would be able to sell some if had enough crops to sell and feed my family. We are lucky enough to feed my family for a whole week with the crops we pick. Climate change is affecting us so badly. I can’t teach my kids about home like because the water is getting too dirty to do anything with and since the crops are not growing well that I can’t teach them about plantation. I heard many cities have factories and that is what is releasing the carbon dioxide. Why do you need so many factories,I mean we manage and we don’t need all of the factories you guys have. I know we get products that are made in factories, but it is very few to be honest, so you can’t say we depend on it, because we don’t. This just isn’t healthy for the atmosphere and for us as humans, I wonder if you could pass this on to anyone who can read this and consider what they are really participating in. This has got to stop because our world is crumbling to pieces and we are a contributing factor to this. If we want to achieve a good future, one of the big steps we can take is by doing something about climate change. Thank you for taking your time for reading this letter from a rambling mother, but this had to be heard by someone or no one.

This is my video for my second monologue