Climate Change Monologue Project

In our World History class this unit we have been learning about the how unfair the world is in terms of education, and wealth or poverty. We followed that up with learning how different some culture seem especially the Nacirema. It was certainly weird to think of ourselves as different, but we learned not to immediately judge other cultures because the seem different. We then were assigned to make a meme that educates people about the pressing problems all over the world. Now we are finishing this unit off by learning about how climate change is effecting people, places, families and villages all around the world. We were assigned the task of making monologues about climate change and how they are affect the earth and effecting people. While writing these monologues are main goal, as a class was to inform people of the devastating catastrophe that climate change and global warming has on families all over the world. My goals for writing these three monologues was to enlighten people on the different views and arguments on climate change and why some people are not rushing to save the our planet.

[Eric Schmidt the chairman of google in an interview with Diane Rehm]

Thank you for having me on the your show Ms. Rehm, I really appreciate it. (WAIT FOR HER RESPONSE) Well as I am sure you are aware, climate change and global warming are both quite problematic at this day and age. We here at google are certainly aware of how this is an issue and how it is affecting children and adults and families around the world. Everybody understands that climate change is an issue, (THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU JUST SAID) well most everyone is aware, and we here at google also understand that climate change isn’t something that can go away. If we want it to not be a problem we have to do something, which is why we here at google feel that we need to do our part to try and prevent climate change from becoming more of an issue. We also know that many other people feel the same way and people are in fact trying to do something about it which is great and we are all for that. (SHE ASKS A QUESTION) Ahh yes the big controversy in Partnering with the ALEC corporation. Just quickly, for those who don’t know What ALEC stands for, they are the American Legislative Executive Council. You asked me about partnering with ALEC and the controversy that arose due to climate change. To answer that question, I say this.

The reason we originally partnered with ALEC was for a political campaign for something totally unrelated to climate change, something that happen a long time ago. (PAUSE) When we realized how much of an issue climate change really was we decided to cut funds with ALEC. It turns out that partnering with ALEC was not a good idea. They are what people would call climate deniers, they do not believe that climate change is an issue. They don’t believe that it will ever be an issue, and they are not worried at all. It doesn’t make sense, but that is just the way they think. We do not agree with ALEC. We do not agree with their thinking, and we, just like anyone else, would not be happy to be associated with a company like ALEC. This is why we will not be partnering with them anymore.

We realize our mistake in partnering with them and we are very ashamed of ourselves, but we know now what not to do. Everyone makes mistakes, but the biggest mistake is not learning from what you did wrong. We now know what to do and what not to do and because we want to prevent climate change, and because we know it’s a problem, we will do the best we can and we will do our part to prevent what is happening.

[Jasper Pannini an average person ranting about the news on climate change]

God climate change is getting worse. (PAUSE) Everyone says they care but no one actually cares. I mean if they did we’d already be on our feet racing to solve the problem, like first one to put an end to climate change wins something, (PAUSE) but no, it’s not like that. What frustrates me the most is when people say “climate change is a problem and we need to fix it” but then do nothing, or become more interested in what they call “more important problems.” Yes, climate change does not seem as pressing, as problematic, or as important, as your mortgage or you family that you need to take care of, but let me tell you, people are paying with their lives because you are not willing to admit to your mistakes, or not willing to fix them.

When you’re frustrated because you’re stuck in traffic, your car is letting out exhaust which is polluting the air, and killing the environment. So you got to work late and your boss is screaming at you, well on the other side of the world families and homes are being torn apart by hurricanes all because of climate change. (PAUSE) Anyway climate change, is an outrageous issue that we need to take care of, but we’re lazy so we don’t keep in mind the their have been disasters that have killed thousands all around the world because we won’t take care of our earth.

We also like to blame other people for causing global warming, which is another way of being lazy. The government or world leaders get a lot of heat for this problem. This just blows my mind, the stupidity of people who are like “oh climate change isn’t my problem I’ve already done what I need to do, now other people need to do what they can.” What? Obviously not, if there are still disasters all over the world, you still need to do your part to prevent these from happening. Everybody needs to pitch in, and everyone needs to stop being lazy. Everyone needs stop blaming other people for climate change, and everyone most importantly needs to stop talking about how much of a problem this is, and start doing something about it.

[Paul Weyrich founder of ALEC taking stand by saying climate change isn’t an issue]

Okay. Hold on just a minute. Yes climate change is an issue, yes our ozone layer is getting thinner. Yes this causes more heat from the sun to get trapped in our solar system or causes our atmospheir to be vulnerable. Yes this causes storms, floods, and heat waves, (PAUSE) but I mean honestly is this what I should be worried about all the time. (PAUSE) Should I really be losing sleep over this issue. (PAUSE) I mean I have other things to worry about. I have to worry about my health and well being, I have to worry about my family’s health and well being and I have to worry about my job. I have to make sure that our organisation doesn’t collapse into shambles and I have to make sure they are all healthy and capable to do what they need to do, and I need to make sure I can meet my goals and expectations. So with all that in mind, I feel as if climate change is not an issue. It’s not affecting me, or the people that are important to me, and on top of that we are all fine and healthy, so I think it is pointless to worry about something that seems so invisible or so far away.

Secondly, we are not even sure if climate change is an issue or not. There is still much debate on whether this is a catastrophe or whether this is just a natural phenomenon. A natural phenomenon for those who don’t know is something that happens naturally kind of like the ice age. It is something that was bound to happen anyway and it will eventually go away. If it is a natural phenomenon, it just going to happen and we might get over it or we might not survive, but either way, there is nothing we can do.

Finally, we here at ALEC are all for trying to create better ways to live and be happy, but when something just costs to much and if don’t get the money or the outcome we deserved for the amount of money, work, and effort we put in we are not huge fans of that. We want to do what is best for us and others for a good deal and for a good outcome. Helping the world prevent climate change is an expense for us and for others. It is just not pleasant for anyone, and while we would love to help, it does not exactly seem plausible or probable.