Climate Change Monologues

In this unit, our class was introduce to the topic of climate change. Change change, at this time and possibly in the future, is effecting almost every single person and if nothing is done, the earth we know today will be destroyed. Also in this unit, , we looked at the effects of climate change all over the world and its impact on daily life. After exploring, we were given this project to create three monologues through the point of view of people who are relevant to the topic of climate change. My video for my first monologue is below:


​My script for the first monologue is below:


It is Noonday and a mother is at a water pump station. Another women is there

Mother: (sigh)

             It is another day with no clean water. My name? My name is Chaonaine. My mother must have seen the future because it means ¨it has seen me¨. Now look at where I am now: I have lost everything because of the flooding water and this is the 3 one in 2 months. I dont know what is going to happen the next farming season. I am tired to seeing my  children crying from no food or water. It is bad enough I have lost my home, but I can't see my kids suffering like this.

But this is so unusual. In my life, I have never seen anything like this. The land use to be so fertile, but now it is so dry. My crops have not produce anything. I know that God is angry with this country and this is the end of times. But I beg my God to please spare my children. They are the innocent and have not done anything.

What? Our president said what? Climate change? What is that? Our country is too poor to put food in our own mouths, so how can we pump things into the air?

What is happening to our world? People have forgotten about others. Malawi is suffering and big countries are only worried about money. Why cant we all just help each other? This world is for everybody, not just for the rich.

Well I hear my children calling me. I must be on my way now. I pray God delivers us all out of these hard times.

These are the rest of my monologues:

Monolouge 2:

The Press Conerence (Rex W. Tillerson)


Thank you ladies and Gentlemen. As you all should know, I am Rex W. Tillerson, CEO of Exxon Mobil company. I will now be taking question.

What’s that you say?

Does climate change exist ?

I believe that climate change does exist, but by science, I think its a natural thing that happens in the lifetime of the earth. I feel that people are trying to blow up a small problem and it does not need to happen. People

Next question. Oh yes you in the back. No, not you Cnn, you in the grey hat.

Does Exxon contribute to climate change?

Exxon contributes to job growth in this country. In Houston alone, we have created 10,000 new construction jobs. We help stimulate the economy and everybody benefits from our company.

Well ladies and gentlemen, I will close by just saying this. Right now please know this, Exxon contributes to job growth, not destroying the environment. We understand that climate change might seem like a problem, but in reality, people are just a little bit over concerned. Exxon makes decisions that will benefit the america and its people. Exxon is on the peoples side. We always think of the people.

Monologue 3:

 We have to come together (Desmond tutu perspective)


    At an interview.

The people of South Africa have forgotten. We have forgotten that we are suppose to be strong. We have fought apartheid, but we now face a bigger problem: Climate change. Our world is disintegrating right before our eyes. The worst part is that we are letting this happen right in front of our eyes. South Africa  contributing  to its own downfall. Its just South Africa. America, China, Europe, and other big  countries are pumping noxious gas into the atmosphere and it is making our world uninhabitable.

We are in control. We have the ability to choose on how our earth is going to turn out. That will only happen if people come together in order to solve the problem. Countries are only worried about money and what they fail to realize is that if we have no earth, then what good is the money?

However, in order to solve a global problem, we have to start in our own backyard. We have to begin being conscious of our daily decisions and think of the future effects. People have to be aware and that is where the first step to improving our world starts from: ourselves.