Clio Fleece Capstone

A year before I started thinking about my Capstone, my photography class watched a video made for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) called "WWF Parallax Sequence". Using only one still photo per shot, it had been animated in such a way that each picture moved in layers, giving it depth and making the video feel completely 3D and immersive. When I started brainstorming for my Capstone project, that video was one of the first things that came to mind. Although I knew I would basically have to teach myself how to use at least two new Adobe programs, I decided to continue with that idea. I had a fully-formed visual concept, but I also wanted my final video to have something more, to unite the photos in an overarching theme. Originally, I chose to photograph people doing what they were passionate about. As I started photographing, my theme evolved into only people I had previously communicated and set up a specific time with (walking around the city to find people was too unreliable), and people doing what they were passionate about as a job. In total, my final video contains photos of 10 different people, as well as sound bites from short interviews with each subject. The two questions I asked in each interview were, "What makes you stay passionate and/or motivated about what you do?" and "What are some of the challenges you've faced trying to do what you love full-time, and how have you overcome them?" Enjoy!

"WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE" (referenced above)

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