Cole Hinton Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to add items to the SLA apparel. The person who helped me with this was Travis Fields, who works at Philly Kid Grafix The first thing that I did was make a survey to find out what people would like to see in the school store. The next step was to find a place to produce the products. From there, the next step was to produce the products and sell them. But, that couldn’t happen. Unfortunately, my capstone could not get started and happen how I wanted. Some of the problems that I went through were communication problems. There were days when I wasn’t available and days where Travis wasn’t available. Another problem I faced was not getting some of my questions asked and waiting for answers for a long time.

When things weren’t going well, I had to find another place to produce my products. The next thing I tired was This was good at first until the price came around. The problem with this source was that they were too much money. I wanted to make my products under $30 and that wasn’t the case.

Something that I would do differently is starting this a little bit earlier than I did so I wouldn’t have to go through this same problem again. Another thing I would do differently is having more than one source. This way if one source wasn’t working, I would have more to rely on.

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