Collapse five part frame work Q3 bench

​For my benchmark I choose the Bulgaria and El Salvador. To complete this project I review information that I gathered in past work in class taking some information and implementing it in my project. As well as looking up additional information wot work with. After all my information was gathered i had to figure out how I wanted to present my information. I attmepted to use wordpress but  I had difficulty manuevering the website so i use something I knew i could work with.
Working with the five point frame work made making this much easier for me. Reasearching information also became easier because I alreayd knew what i was lookingfor and the information would be easier to digest. If I had to change anything about my project it would most likely be the layout of my project. As of right now it looks satisfatory but I feel like I could havemade it more entertaining and pleasing to the eye. Other than that I dont think i would change much about my project.