Collapse Project: Mongolia Vs. El Salvador


The countries I studied where Mongolia in East Asia and El Salvador in Central America. They are very different at first but once one studies their problems and learns more about them, the similarities come through.

I primarily researched articles and government websites to learn about the issues in each country. I decided to challenge myself and create a wordpress site to convey my information.

I did not have that much trouble working with the five point framework and basing my research around it, however when it came to ranking the countries I had a difficult time being objective. 

If I could do this project over again, I would include more links and pictures in my site, and maybe make it slightly more creative. If I didn't do a site I think I would have done something along the lines of a narrated race and the rankings being how well each country was doing in the race and that would determine who won. 

To learn about Mongolia and El Salvador and whether or not they will collapse visit my website here!