Collins Q1 Artwork

This quarter of art went so great. I am so proud of this work that I have done. I have put so much effort into everything. For my ceiling tile piece, I chose to paint a camera. It look over a month, working in and outside of class periods. I had to buy paint for myself to make it perfect. I wanted it to look perfect and it took me a long time before I decided that I could be proud of it. I love cameras so much. I think that they capture things that the fast paced city doesn't take time to see the beauty in. I have taken so many images of people. They are what inspire me the most. I like to study people and how they move or look. I find that people who are different have the most important stories to tell. I like to tell their story through a beautiful photograph.
This quarter I really tried my best to draw. It feels very unnatural for me. I don't feel like it is my chosen media and I am infinitely more amazed by my photographs. No reason to not shake it up sometimes though.
I was able to experiment with self-portraits this quarter. I find it hard to take photographs of myself because I don't believe they are beautiful as the pictures I take of other people. I am just not my muse. Other people are though, they inspire me. I am not inspired by my own appearance. I felt like I needed to tell a story about who I am as a person, through my photo. I didn't know where to start so I went with my goofy, craziness. It felt the most natural, to be silly in front of the camera. It is so much easier to not be serious.
I had a very good start to this school year in art. I hope you agree.
Q1 Artwork