Communication - Blog Post 4 - Stop Funding Abortions!

Taniera Reid

Stop Funding Abortions: Communication - Blog Post #4

My Issue: I am lobbying to stop the prodigal spending of government dollars on abortions in the United States.

Communication: The ones I will be in contact with throughout this lobbying process will be the senators Joe Sestak and Pat Toomey, as well as Obama’s administration at a later date. The people listed above play a role in the issue I am lobbying against.

Tactics:  The tactics listed below are the tools that will aid me in the journey to getting my message across to someone of a higher authority.

  • Letters to the editor, editorials and commentary.
  • Petitions.
  • Phone calls to the targeted decision maker.
  • Faxes to the targeted decision maker.
  • Emails to the targeted decision maker.
  • Personalized letters and postcards to the targeted decision maker.

Steps: I am still in the researching process. I believe in knowing and understanding the law to its farthest extent before taking my issue to someone of a higher authority. One mishap in my evidence/documentation/information can make or break my argument. Having facts, details, dates, names and supporters will help my argument.

After the necessary steps are taken to gain all information,

I will begin to:

1.     Write up petitions

2.     Send emails

3.     Organize rallies.

My tactics will be executed effectively with the assistance of my teachers and mentors with substantial knowledge regarding politics and perhaps marketing.

My next step would be to recruit members to join my fight against the wasteful funding of abortions in the United State and enforce the Hyde Amendment across the nation. Recruitments will consist of others that believe in and are as passionate, if not more passionate about this issue as much as I. With more than one voice fighting for a good cause, we have a greater chance at being heard.

Using social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and making groups regarding the funding abortion issue will help start off the recruitment process. This is an easy way to find out who in the world stands firmly behind the issue.