Compare & Contrast

Intro: This is the Odyssey compare and contrast paragraph.

Laura De Jesus

English Benchmark

March 11,2011

            Odysseus is the main character from the book the Odyssey. Everett is the main character from the movie O’ Brother Where Art Thou. While Everett and Odysseus both make it home to their families, the way they handled their adventure is what makes them different. Everett and Odysseus will face some hard battles and choices in the meantime of making home but in the end of the story it makes them stronger and better men. This adventure is life changing.

            Everett and Odysseus show some signs of similarities. Everett makes it home to his family with the two people he came and left with Delmar and Pete, his best friends. But it doesn’t end up as well as it seemed in the beginning. On the other hand Odysseus has lost all his partners and friends due to his selfish ways and disregard. Odysseus and Everett are both fathers, but neither of them is worthy enough to be good at being a father until their final return home. Also, Everett and Odysseus have issues with commands, they do what they think is best for them and don’t worry about their companions or any one else.

            Everett and Odysseus have two main differences one of them is there work ethic. Everett is an ex-convict who escaped from jail with Delmar and Pete, his two companions. While on the other hand Odysseus is the King, and has to go to war and fight.What if his great father/ came from the unknown world and drove these men/ like dead leaves through the place" Book 1, lines 145-7. (Athena goes and tells the suitors to leave before Odysseus returns, but during the time she was daydreaming so Telemachus says this.)  But little did he know that the war would take ten years, plus the ten extra years he added on due to his ways. The way that Everett and Odysseus handle the work and the way they get home is what makes them different. Odysseus gives into much temptation, which leads to several affairs and unfaithfulness. While Everett is lead into them but doesn't give in, the main he wants to get home to his wife and children. In the end Odysseus isn’t so truthful to his wife about the affairs and his ways. "Go down at once and tell the lady Penelope/ that I am back from Pylos safe and sound" Book 16, lines 151-2 (He tells Eumaius.) This is telling Penelope his wife that he is finally home and has arrived for good.


            Although Everett and Odysseus both had companions on their trip, Odysseus wasn't the best captain/leader in the world. He was selfish and only cared about himself and what made him happy.  "Hearts of oak, did you go down/ alive into the homes of death? One visit/ finishes all men but yourselves, twice mortal!" Book 12, lines 25-7 (This is the point in time when Odysseus is only thinking of himself and what he wants and needs). He didn't care about what his team wanted or needed, as long as he was happy then everything would be okay. He was a self-centered man. While, Everett also started off that way that is not how he ended up. (In part of the movie he thought his appearance and hair were the most important parts of life.) After a few adventures he changed his ways, and instead of it being all about what he wanted he took into consideration what they needed. His appearance didn’t matter, as much to him anymore, there were more things to worry about. Although, he did have his moments, he still came out the bigger man.

            Both Everett and Odysseus learned a lot in their adventures. Although they faced difficulties returning to their families in the end it was for the best. The difficulties that they faced like returning home and realizing who are they are made them a better person. Everett and Odysseus learned that a lot during their adventure but the main thing that they learned was the fact that appearance shouldn’t matter as much as their family.