Conception of Slavery Mini Project

Philadelphia Becoming a Hub for Human Trafficking

Part I-Inquiry

Why is human trafficking in Philadelphia and what is being done to combat it?

Part II-Main Presentation


We live in a city

The city of Brotherly Love,

That I now pity

Because I thought it above.

There is so much traffic

On I-95, 

That the traffic gets graphic

And turns to a hive.

Did I forget to mention

The traffic was of humans?

With all of the tension,

We have been avoiding our fellow man

That receives little pension.

And lives in a pan.

Philly’s becoming a hub

For moving innocent people

And putting them on subs

Away from their steeples.

Shipped off because of location,

Between places like NYC

Around this great nation

And across many seas.

Women and children

Torn from their families

Without any siren

Because of their inabilities

Or without any reason.

These people have problems,

They are poverty-stricken

And have failing immune systems

So they’re just trying to get chicken

The inability to stop it

Is because of the way it’s hidden

And how the people commit

To keep it in layers that are forbidden.

This needs to be stopped

One way or another.

It is not ok for someone to be popped

When they might be somebody's mother

Because they said that out they would opt.

Laws are being made

In order prevent this

But people can be paid only so much

To put human trafficking into the abyss

You can help stop it

In January 2013

Where women and children will benefit

From things that will make them clean

That people will donate for no profit.

Everyone deserves a second chance,

Everyone can become better

And you can help someone to enhance

Their life just by getting them a sweater.

Comments (5)

Allison Kelly (Student 2016)
Allison Kelly

I personally think this was one of the best projects because you can tell a lot of hard work, thought, and effort went into. It gives a lot of information, while putting it into a way that is very deep and touching. Really good job!

Dillon Hershey (Student 2016)
Dillon Hershey

I personally liked the poem because it rhymed and it made sense with the topic of the project. Usually when I try to make a poem that rhymes, it ends up going off topic. But this really stayed on the topic and the general idea of a poem is different because nobody ever really thinks of a poem as a project.

Lauren Thomas (Student 2016)
Lauren Thomas

The is very deep and very well written. It's creative and raises the awareness of this problem that many do not know about. The poem was beautiful and thoughtful and I could easily identify the topic in concern. What else besides human trafficking is present in the city we live in?

Lindsey Jones (Student 2016)
Lindsey Jones

A very deep poem. I personally really like it because it is an indeph, but also well thought and out and creative poem. Keep up the good work. You got the message across