Confectionery Celebration

​For my capstone, I decided to make a recipe book that was influenced by American and international holidays. I have tested, and revised, every recipe that I found and compiled them into a book I call Confectionery Celebration. Each page includes a short description of the holiday the treats are based off of. These descriptions include references to the recipe; how the recipe relates to the holiday it corresponds with. Some of the recipes are actual dishes from the holiday/festival's country and others are simply influenced by the things grown there, national dishes or treats that originate from that place. In my book, all the pictures used are either pictures that I have taken myself or are special characters included with fonts. 
By doing this particular project, I hoped to improve my baking skills and continue my family legacy in baking. I also wanted to be influenced by, not only my own culture, but also cultures from all over the world. Below, I included the product from all my research, experimentation, and design; my recipe book. 

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​Here is my bibliography.