Confusion for a Conclusion

I can’t believe it, I’m so confused.  I just met a scout from the Pittsburgh Pirates, right after the playoff game. He told me that they have been scouting me for years now and I didn’t even know!  He told me they want me come down and play for one of their Minor League teams.

Before that day, I have been planning on going to a well known college, Notre Dame.  I talked to their coach and he said he feels like I would be a perfect fit for that team and I’m exactly what he has been looking for.  I don’t mean to brag but, an outfielder who can play all infield position and hit.  Who wouldn’t want me to play for them, and I was looking forward to going to college. I love the campus and ever since I visited, it has just had a grip on me.  And most importantly a college education is important isn’t it?  I know my mom wants me to get my education.  All she has been talking about me going to college and how proud of me she is.  I would feel bad if I let her down by not going to college like I said I would.  But when she hears about the opportunity I have, won’t she still be proud and happy for me?

Going to the MLB has been my mission since I was 8 years old.  My dream has always been having my name and number on the back of a professional team’s jersey, no matter what team it is.  The thrill of just getting to play on the same field with the same people I watched on tv and looked up to will be enough for me.  If i were to make it pro, I will become an inspiration to myself.  By me playing with the superstars of the game I love, will inspire me to work hard enough to become the best player on any field that I walk on.

This is my chance!  If I go to college who knows if this chance will present itself again.  The opportunity to go to school will always be there.  But this only happens once in a lifetime.  Of course if I chose the MLB I will have to play in the Minors first.  Then, my main focus will be to prove that I am Major League material.


Whenever I need help I always go to my dad.  He is the one person I can always go to if I need great advice. He never makes the decision for me but he puts strong thoughts in my head so I can do it myself.  He told me to follow my heart, because either way I go, I will still be taking a big jump into a new part of my life.  He told me if I think I have what It takes to play on that level, then go play ball.  I knew exactly what he meant.  He wasn’t saying if I think I have the talent and ability to play pro baseball go do it.  He was saying if I’m strong enough mentally then go do it.  He was saying I can’t let the money, the popularity, and the women that come with a major league contract get to my head.  And I think I can do that.  NO!  I know I can do that.  I’ve worked to hard to be stopped right in my tracks.  

So I think I made my decision.  I will be taking my talents to the MLB.  Man I always wanted to say that.  But, I will not only be going for me.... I will be going for my parents.  I will be able to provide for my parents and give them back all the love that they gave me growing up and show them how much I really care and appreciate them.  That has to be the best feeling in the the world, to tell your parents they can stop working because I gotchu now.

But now here comes the moment of truth.  Telling my mom my decision.  Here I go….


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Eli Block (Student 2018)
Eli Block

I don't really connect with this character due to the fact that I don't play a sport where people get drafted for teams, but I do connect with being torn with two ideas and or people and having to make a tough decision. I like the ending a lot where he decides to go tell his mom that he's going pro.