Copy the Master

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Copy A Master

Copy the master was super interesting and a great project. I finally realized I can draw. This piece made me gain more confidence in my self. It's hard copying someone famous. So ms. Hull told us to find an artist any where or internest, in a book, etc. So i went to the shelf in her room and grabbed a book. I seen this strange but interesting photo by a guy name gamboge. So I got a 24x36 piece of paper, and then printed gamboge picture out of the painting. So I grabbed charcoal, and started with his big head, made sure the shape was right. Then I added the detail I seem such as his hat, nose, slim mouth, hands, glasses and cigarette. The hardest part was the shading, with out seeing natural light I had to copy where the artist shaded. I finished this in 3 hours. I loved this drawing, and the effort I out into it. I could have added color to add my own flare to it.
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photo (11)