Courtesy Phrases

Courtesy Phrases (thanks, excuse me, please)


When learning Spanish it is a necessity to know some courtesy phrases, as does every language include. Some of these are thank you, your welcome, excuse me, please, etc. Here is where you can find the help you need.


How do you be polite and say excuse me?





Excuse me.

Perdon(Bumping into someone).

Disculpe.(When getting another’s attention)

Con permiso.(When someone is in your way of something or some place)



- Please note that there are multiple ways to say excuse me in Espanol.






How would you thank someone in espanol?




Thank You

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a million


Muchas  gracias.

Mil gracias.

- There is a simple conversion between all of the statements we use and say in English to the ones we can easily say in Espanol.


Created by Jamie Murphy & Jalisa Smith