!~Courtesy Phrases~!

Courtesy phrases! (Good manners)

 Just like in English we have manners and different ways to say them in espanol.  Gracias is used mostly and it simply means thanks. You may also say Muchas gracias witch means thanks a lot or Mil gracias witch means thanks a million. Those are all good ways to say thank you. Here are some ways to say you’re welcome. De nada, Por nada and no hay de que.  And that is how you can say thank you and your welcome. When it comes to saying Excuse me there are different ways of saying it based on the situation. The three ways of saying excuse me  are Con permiso, Disculpe, and Perdon. Con permiso should be used when someone is standing in your way. Disculpe should be used when you are trying to get someones attention. Lastly Perdon should be used if you accidentally bump into someone. Por favor is appropriate to use when saying please.


Real life application

An real life application for courtesy phrases is one iff someone does something for you or if you are in a crowded place or mabey even on the bus This is all used in everday life.


We will show how to use each of these phrases in our video explaning when what is appropriate.