Courtesy Phrases

Frases de Cortesía (Courtesy Phrases)

Lesson 3
This lesson will help you learn how to be polite to others when speaking in Spanish.
It will help you learn how to thank someone, reply to someone, excuse yourself, and say please.

Part 1



¡Muchas gracias!
¡Muy amable gracias!
Thank you!
Thank you very much!
That’s kind of you, thank you!
De nada/ por nadaYou’re welcome
¡Disculpe!Excuse me! ( to get an atencion)
¡Perdon!Excuse me! (sorry)
¡Con Permiso!Excuse me!
Por favorPlease
No hay de qué.You’re welcome. (no problem)

Part 2
Excuse me phrases:

Intro to Video
In this video we will be teaching you how to use courtesy phrases. This video shows two strangers who bump into each other. The first person drops their wallet, and the second person calls out to the first person as they need to return it. The first person thanks the second person, who replies in saying your welcome. All of this will be said in Español.

Click here for a video of this situation. 

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