CPagan,MFerry,ZCastro- Garbage Patch Q3

Coming up with what aspect of the garbage patch we were going to focus on went smooth and we quickly came to conclusion that we were we going to use both the size of the mass and compare it to well known countries. We also included the most common animals that are affected and killed due to the land mass. The process that went along with coming up with the theme went really well as well as putting together the simplicity of the info-graphic. Something that didn't work well is coming up with a design that accurately depicts all of the necessary info. This is difficult when trying to keep a simple and visual theme intact. I would pre-set different sections of my info-graph to different information that is required or useful for the visualizer to understand about the info-graphic's topic. jmyj7

Be Concise- When using sizing to represent a size visually the ratio of the object's sizing must have the same ratio to the numbers.Example: if country A has 100,000,000 people and country B has 200,000,000 then the image that represents country B should be 2x bigger than country A's image. 

Be Visual- Use images and visual representation to resemble the information. Do not not use many words. Any words that are used need to have NO way to be resembled visual and must be important enough to be used. 

Be Smarter- Use space and words smartly make sure any image, word, info that you use is completely necessary and used smartly. 

Be Transparent- The info-graph should be clear and easy to understand explaining any abstract representations. 

Be Different- Be inspired by other graphs but think differently about your own design and how your information can be applied visually.

Be Accurate- Do lots of research and make all info accurate. 

Be Attractive- Use attractive colors and shapes. Use techniques that are known to attract people to read or understand more. 

Be Varied- Try different representations and forms of presentations. 

Be Gracious- Be bold without being to cliche bold. 

Be Creative- Use all creative tools that are available to you. Don't take th easy way out and don't be afraid to try creative things. 

Which of these areas did you excel in? Which were not so well represented? Why do you think some elements of design were easier or harder to include in the end product?

I think we excelled in the attractive aspect, we made our info-graphic visually appealing and easy to understand but I think we could've improved on the varied aspect of the project only for the fact we didn't really take advantage of all the different resources that were available to us. I feel like it was harder to incorporate ideas later on after we already had this idea of what we wanted it to be.