I remember the sounds of the ambulance as I hear it pass my house after my mom called in shock screaming at the operator to direct her to the ambulance because I fell back Into the wall. It started when I was 7 years old, I was on my way home after a long day at school. This was memorable day in both good and bad ways . It was good because it was my first time trying mango water ice and it becoming my favorite water ice flavor. My overall day was going good, my mom picked me up from school and we were on our way home with mango water ice in our hands. It was a hot day and I was excited for the weekend because I was going to see my brothers the next day. My mom saw that I was in a good mood and offered to order pizza for dinner which made the day even better. As we approach the house I’m jumping around and spinning trying to make myself dizzy. My mom told me stop multiple times but i didn’t listen. As we walk into the house I spun around making myself dizzy and fell down into my chair*Plop After that my mom told me, “ky you need to stop making yourself dizzy before you get seriously hurt” and just then, the exact moment I spun around again making myself dizzy I fell backwards against the corner of the wall splitting my head open on the hard floor next to my dining room rug. I sat there in complete silence not knowing what was going on at the moment. I was completely confused on what just happened. My mom was in her room while I sat in the living area backed up against the wall in shock, feeling no pain. My eyes were wide open like I had seen the world's biggest water slide. I remember hearing some sounds but the first thing I heard was my mom calling me to ask if I had homework and I didn’t answer. She then proceeded to come towards where she saw me, sitting, with blood on the walls, and attached to the wall a part of my head. “ahhhhhh!!!!!” She exclaimed. ( crackpshh) A long loud scream was let out and she dropped her mango water ice and the plates that she just bought spreading thousands of crystalized pieces onto the ground. “......Kyree are you ok?” As she said this, I could tell she was scared because I could hear it in her voice. Each letter separated by a single fast paced breath. Then she ran into the kitchen to grab the phone fumbling it from her hands and dropping it on the floor. She then dialed 911 who then directed her to the ambulance and I could hear yelling at the emergency care people to get a ambulance over here quick. When she got off the phone she came over to me and said “ everything will be alright” and I just remember not saying a word the whole time. I also remember the ambulance passing by my house twice and my mom calling back cursing them out because they passed the house and then they arrived. As I woke up from my hospital bed after being taken there I thought to myself, Ouch that really hurt. But I also realized something which was to listen to my mom because as she says she’s always right.