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My Blog Post #1 was focused on introducing my issue I wanted to bring awareness to. I discussed why it interested me and why teen peer pressure is significant to myself, me, and people across the world. I touched on interesting information of teen peer pressure. For example, I explained why many peer pressure professionals and people say that teen girls go through the rough stages of teen peer pressure more often than teenage boys. In my Blog Post #2, I mainly focused on finding new information on my topic and explaining what I learned. I summarized my work from my Blog Post #1 and finally begin telling my readers what my results was from my Original Research, which I created a Teen Peer Pressure Survey. I discussed my results from the survey and gave my opinion on the outcome of it. During my research on this issue, I found out there are more and more organizations going to different schools around the world to talk to the students on peer pressure as a whole and bullying. Like I discussed in Blog Post #2, Connection between Bullying and Peer Pressure. There are many videos on the topic as well to raise awareness. Here go one interesting video I found during my research…Teen Peer Pressure Experiment

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Teen Giving Into the Pressure

“Be strong and don’t give into the pressure like this young teen is about do”

I am satisfied with the way the awareness of Teen Peer Pressure is being spread. Teen Peer Pressure mainly happens in school and with professionals going to explain to the students how to do the right thing and learn how to not be another victim to Teen Peer Pressure. For my Agent of Change, I made a website and a presentation to create awareness of this issue. My website consists of many stories that other teens went through, real life stories I found during my research. The presentation I created is linked in my website. In my presentation, I discussed the meaning and significance of Teen Peer Pressure. I also gave three things to do to not get involved with doing negative activities with friends that pressure you into doing.  

For this issue, I have researched and found ways to avoid teen peer pressure. The three steps I found during my research on this topic, which was put out by the American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. I emailed this organization multiple times, and unfortunately couldn’t speak to a peer pressure professional, but their website helped me research a lot and learn how to spread more awareness on this issue. Also ways to solve this issue. On my Teen Peer Pressure survey, I made teens open up about their past experiences with this issue and I feel getting those things of their chest and realizing that the pressure isn’t rare, it made them feel better about themselves and who they are as a person. This project was really fun. I had a great time doing research on an issue that affects many people around the world my age, even me. Overall, I strongly agree that this was one of the most compelling projects I did so far at school. I learned that many teens at my school think the same on this topic. My Teen Peer Pressure Survey gave me that conclusion, just what is peer pressure and how they believe it affects teenage boys and girls. This project made me learn where I went wrong and why I got caught in between peer pressure. Not being able to say “NO” to my friends and just not being the leader I always claimed to be. However, experiences like these are always a life lesson and I learned that from different sources that I used to research for my topic.

The only thing I feel I could have done better on this project was reaching out to some more organizations on teenage peer pressure. Yet, I am happy because I did in fact try my best to reach out to American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry professionals. The only thing I can say that is left for others and I to do to make a change is to be a leader and a good friend to others who seems to need help standing up for themselves. And this is for Teen Peer Pressure and bully. Like I stated before there is a Connection between Bullying and Peer Pressure


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Alexander Gomez Torres (Student 2018)
Alexander Gomez Torres

This blog post was really interesting. You did a lot of great things to raise awareness. I like the website that you created to raise awareness. Only if you had made that website more visible to other people on the internet like maybe posting it on social media would have been great.