Creative Piece. (:

My project, a collided master piece of a puzzle dealing with conflicts between relationships and responsibilities, is only as confusing as it first may appear. The final product shows a series of names from a few of the main characters, each was given a color that is connected to a line that connects to some type of relational problem, which in return gives each person a set responsibility. Even some people, who have the same relationships can intertwine and create their own relationships. For example, Paulie has a yellow line coming from his box, and this yellow line connects to different major struggles or topics within the movie Juno, and each topic gives him a responsibility. It's his personal relationship to that responsibility. BUT, Paulie's line may also intertwine with some of the character Juno's personal relationships, thus creating a relationship between the two. Which also can create similar and different responsibilities. It's a bit confusing to understand, but the main idea of my collage is to show the depth of how much their is to each and every person in any story, movie, and life. Nothing is easy. Even the simplest task can be the most stressful. It's remarkable how much people can go through and yet everyone still survives. Death is the easy part, but survival and struggle is the most complex and tiring process, ever.

At first, I didn't know how to create my point. I had the idea of lines, and how each could create specific ties, but I didn't know what should go where or how to put who, where. Understand the complication? In the end, I viewed it as one of those silly magazine quizzes that tells, What Kind of Kisser Are You?  &Each response would give off a new ending to a different answer. My idea was very similar to that. In fact, it was driven from that exact brain thought. &Ever since I created my puzzle. I feel as if I did very well at connecting the people and their relationships and responsibilities, as well as explaining why each is the most important to each other.

As furthering into my project, I made sure to include my connection to each as well, and on the index cards wrote down the responsibilities I have to face with each one. Though, nothing is perfect and I din't connect to a few of them. But that's what makes life! We all can connect to similar, but not all the same relationships and responsibilities. 

Though, while doing the project I came across not being able to fit my full explanations on the index cards, so I ended up only writing MY responsibilities. Rather than writing out everything from everyone. But to fix that problem I simply added in a longer paper version of their explanations and pasted it to the board as something to look at when curious as to how someone can relate or connect to a specific person/topic. 

 I could do the whole project over again, I would most likely use a lot more characters and a lot of relationships, thus creating something even more insane! The more complex it looks, the more depth it can really have. &It's the depth that i was going for. 

The explanations for each part:

Proving Someone Wrong/Right:

Myself: In my current life I'm struggling almost every day to prove my parents and all the people around me that I can make it. I've heard so much about failure, drugs, homelessness, and suicide… people don't believe in me, especially my parents, but it's my responsibility to prove them wrong. &Prove their hearts right about the success they know they want me to have. 

Dealing With Strange Love:

Myself: I've been with the same guy since freshman year. On and off, on and off. We stopped being "official" in junior year. But he won't leave my life. His family thinks we're still dating. We talk to other people, but in the end of the day… I'm the one he will spend all Saturday and Sunday with. We're so close and so in love, but we're not public. &That is my fault. It's my responsibility to make his happiness everything. So one day, we can be public. 

Juno: She is faced with her growing independence and thrive to do things on her own, but her deep affection for Paulie keeps her pulled away from both. It's her responsibility to try and accept her affection for him, as well as maintain a baby with a man who wasn't and technically isn't her boyfriend, just a baby daddy. 

Hester: Her relationship is the most conflicting of all. She has a child with a man who can't have her children. Hester is married and her strange love for Reverend Dims only causes trouble. They both share the responsibility of keeping the community peace, but caring for a daughter who only wants them to be free of those restrictions. 

Stranding For Beliefs:

Myself: As restricting it can be to be a teenager, I have beliefs and things I won't take lightly. I an intertwined with what I will always strand for, such as freedom, liberty, and love. Expression of opinion, and equality. Nothing is equal, but with peace comes equality and tranquility. I am responsible for making my future, and the world around me as tranquil and happy as possible. It's my career, and it's my future. 

Pearl: She believes in the unrestricted love of her parents. Her relationship with her mother and father are bonded by her inability to affectionate them if they can't affectionate her together in public. &She won't stand to allow it. Her responsibility is to not conform them of the nonsense they deal with, but try and set them free. 

Mark: He is tied to a woman who won't allow him to be himself, its his responsibility to break free of those chains by either setting his wife straight with, "If you love me, this is how I am. &This is how we need to be," or by leaving her and expressing himself in his own life.. away from a woman who chains him down with her adult like, life. 

Child Care & Management:

Juno: She is pregnant. She is having a child. She is a teenager. The baby is hers. The baby forever will have her DNA and blood, but the responsibility is cut short. She is to only deal with the management of being in school, passing, stress, and giving birth to a baby that she will only give away. She is all for it, but the inner stress could potentially lead to fatal trauma. 

Hester: Hester was faced with having a child that was not her husbands, and dealing with the stress and humiliation from the community of adultery. It's painful, and can cause loads of judgement. But her child grew beautifully, and it's only the struggle now of being a single mother as well as a leader for her life and an inspiration of the community around her.  

Vanessa: For Vanessa, the baby is only a mir relation to what she can't have. A way for her to be a complete person and a mother without enduring the pain. but it's her job to make sure the pregnant Juno is happy and healthy, as well as take good care of the child after it's born.. knowing it will not fully be hers. Especially being a single mother.

Secret Fond of Love Triangles: 

Juno: Juno is not actually in love, nor is there an actual "love" triangle, but there is a triangle of conflict ion with interest. For example the relationship leads around, Vanessa being married to Mark, but mark finding interest of entertainment and young life with Juno. Not affection, but interest. This could, and would have caused an uneasy feeling with Juno and Vanessa. But it was more of Mark finding his inner freedom and leaving the baby behind. It's the responsibility of acceptance. Vanessa accepting being alone. Juno accepting the child only having one parent. &Mark accepting that he has to either be a man with his life, or go on as a man. 

Hester: Hester had a real love triangle. Being married to Chillingworth, yet had an affair with a Reverend. Then Chillingworth being the doctor for the Reverend. They are intertwined with relationships, but their responsibilities in these relationships differ with independence. Hester has to deal with pearl, and doesn't may much mind to love. But Reverend has to deal with the communities pain, as well as his own. &Chillingworth is the only one bothering the both of them with their responsibilities making his own to ruin or open their secret. 

Maning Up to The Table:

Myself: I'm afraid. Beyond afraid of life changing failure. Afriad of asking of for help, for receiving help, for going after improbable situations, and it's fear that restricts us all. I have a relationship with fear. Not fear of the unknown, for I know my future will turn out great. it's just getting there. It's my responsibility to man up, and take charge at the fear. End our relationship before it ends me.  

Paulie: He has a baby coming. He has a girl who he's not with. &he's A okay with her saying don't worry. He needs to man up, take charge, and say no… It's in my life. Regardless of Juno's independent strive. It's hard..especially when you're so young.

Mark: He has a baby coming that's not even his, nor does he probably want it. His relation goes to his wife who wants the baby. &The freedom he cries for. It's hard, but he took responsibility for loving right or leaving right.

Strive Independence:

Myself: I was always chained to the form that my parents wanted me to be. I was always chained to what school, peers, and what my community wanted me to be. &I'm not anything that anyone wants me to be. My relation is to breaking those chains free and becoming myself. I'm getting there, slowly, but productively. As myself I'm already making a difference in the world around me. 

Vanessa: She has to be a single mother, that's independence enough! Having love, then accepting that it's that time to strive for passion within this innocent child.

Juno: Denying Paulie's help even show's her independence. It's not needing independence, but her responsibility is seeing that sometimes people need help. Maybe even emotional support, but it's always hard to notice that. 

Hester: She was teased, and "tortured" with humiliation. Living a lone with her daughter, and love stricken, she has found her way in life with being on her own. Living peaceful and against the world, she has to survive in the a community where men normally rule as independent and woman are house toys. This gave her a lesson of survival and being to herself. That's how a strong woman does it. 

Trying To Maintain The Rage Of Purpose:

Myself: I have purpose. it's within nature, it's within the core of this Earth. My purpose is great and it's a long hard road to it.. it's a tiring one too. I'm not where heard even the half way point. Maybe a diploma could mark that, but it's still an extreme struggle for depth and meaning. 

Chillingworth: Oh he has purpose beyond belief! His purpose is raged with ex love, and back stabbing, and disbelief. The betrayal done to him drives him in a raging sexual way to condone the Reverend & Hester for the dirty they have done to him. But for anyone who only has ONE purpose… what happens when it's complete? Life means nothing. 


This goes towards everyone… The main point in life is to survive. It's to put worth an effort that will last the many years you live, in order to not die. It's so easy to die, but it's not so easy to survive. I strive to survive living on my own. It's not easy going to an insanely hard school, paying multiple annoying bills, working 3 crazy jobs, and living the social life I live. It's not easy for anyone in Juno to deal with  a pregnant teenager, the depth of love and acceptance, as well as marriages falling apart due to the call of freedom. As well as in The Scarlett Letter, Hester is strong for even being able to be on her own in a community where no female is taught independence but to depend on the big strong men of the community. As well as Dimmesdale and Chillingworth striving to find their purpose, or complete their inner mission for whatever reasons as to being as good as possible for God, or surviving the embarrassment of betrayal and so forth. 

Inner Stubbornness & Acceptance: 

Myself: I am not as much stubborn as I am accepting, but there are some things such as conforming to what this society wants me to be that I wont' accept. Or that I won't talk to my parents first, or that I wont' allow someone to boss me around, regardless of authority. I take orders from people who are kind, and out of curtsey ask rather than demand. It's my responsibility, to learn to accept the way this life is and that as I get older only one person cannot change that demand. It's not that it's something bad to accept either, I just have to learn to let go, rather than hold on to the stubborn feeling that is only a waste of an emotion.

Pearl: She is the definition of stubborn. Though, I believe her stubbornness turned out to work greatly in the end, it also caused a lot of pain. It's not her stubbornness that is wrong, but it's her unwillingness to accept that not everything can go her way or the high way. Though, she is young, if not taught young..she will stay that way forever.