Creative Writing // Short Stories

​Bed of Broken Glass; 7k+ words - (read here)
He’s come to terms with the fact that his date stood him up, but he’s surprisingly quite alright with it, especially if it means he’ll get to spend the rest of the night in Lucas’ company. Maybe this night won’t turn out as crappy as he originally thought it would. As long as he can keep Lucas laughing and smiling, he’ll be fine. Even though he’s only known this stranger for a few hours, he finds comfort and safety in the light of his eyes. 

Youth // Part 1; 3K+ words - (read here)
“I picked it up first ‘cause it was pretty looking but then I start thinking a lil more and I kinda feel bad for soda cans,” he mumbles shrugging his shoulders again. “They’re so important; they let us drink from them and they hold our soda for us, but then we just throw them out afterwards.” Dane gives Marc a small, shy, hopeful smile.

Marc tilts his head to the side and squints at Dane’s face. “You’re weird.” Dane’s smile instantly drops and he looks down at his hands in his lap, his cheeks turning pink from embarrassment. 

Just Me, Her, and the Skyscrapers; 1k+ words - (read here)
Writing was my drug, my release, but when you don’t want to write anymore you start to go crazy. I didn’t want to write anymore. I wanted to live.

Some of the best love stories out there are born among the concrete and skyscrapers of New York City. I kept telling myself this.


A little bit about my writing: My main mentor text was How They Met, and Other Stories by David Levithan. This collection of short stories about romance inspired me to write about young love, and in various forms. When I write I like traveling to new places and creating new people. Levithan's book inspired me to write about same sex couples because they are an underrepresented population in popular literature. When students go to write stories for their english or creative writing classes, they (most likely) will conjure up the image of a straight couple. One day I hope that writers can break out of straight couple "norm" that plagues today's most popular novels.