Crossing Class Lines

            My father, associates with people in his everyday life have very different backgrounds than him. People who he does not share many common similarities with. He is an outsider. How did he get here? Listen to this podcast to find out!



Crossing Class Lines
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           Through the process of interviewing my father and mother, I learned things I had no knowledge of before. I learned aspects of his life I did not know about, aspects of my parents relationship that were new to me, and ideas about crossing boundaries filled my head.  


When crossing boundaries, there are things to be gained and things to be lost. When my father went to college, he did the unexpected, and crossed boundaries. No one in his family had, and in that way, he lost some ability to communicate openly with them. What he did gain was a whole new perspective on life, and a window into a world he had never know. It was like he got an invitation to a party that he had always dreamed about attending. When he got there, he learned that no matter how fancy the party, you can still feel out of place.

When you cross a boundary, you are leaving the past behind. You can’t un-cross a boundary. If no one crossed boundaries, no one would ever do anything original, or new. We would be trapped in our routines. It is an important thing to do, and despite it’s possible downsides, everyone should try to cross at least one boundary. It is something to be both taken with caution and celebrated. 


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Jasmine Nieves (Student 2015)
Jasmine Nieves

I think your podcast was good. It talked a lot about how your interviewer felt as he was going to school. Your podcast described that your interviewer switched schools a lot and he was from a small town that then moved to a more suburban place. I liked that it flowed but it was both kind of loud and your interviewer sounded like he was in the hallway. Overall, good podcast.