Crossing the Road of Religion

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Adlynn Gonzalez (Student 2017)
Adlynn Gonzalez
  1. I didn't know that Chelsea was raised in a Christian household.
  2. I loved how your questions provoked deep answers. I also loved the different point of views you incorporated in your podcast.
Haisha Hahsy (Student 2017)
Haisha Hahsy

1) Lily and I learned how some people that were raised to a religion they just let it go and I learned how hard it is too get some of that information. This is also the first time I have heard that a person would let their children to be any religion they want and not pass down her religion to her children.

2)Lily and I liked how Logan's questions were very good and in a way I thought that Chelsea was answer my questions. The way she put the questions showed all the boundaries that she was crossing.

Luke Risher (Student 2017)
Luke Risher

I thought it was really good . I thought it had a weird sound editing. That echoing thing sounded weird. But it had very strong points and was very interesting. It also was very clearly defining boundaries.