Crystal Taylor Capstone

Throughout the 2016-2017 school year I have worked closely with young, middle school girls and not only did they have a major impact on me, but I also left my mark on them. I wanted to focus my Capstone on creating and building relationships within the youth, simply because the world we live in isn't always easy and everyone needs someone at a point in time. With the help of my mentor, who is the site director of the 4-H afterschool program, and numerous hours of lesson planning preparation, one Wednesday a month from January to April I traveled to Delaware to Kirk Middle School and did a handful of fun and engaging activities. We would do things from having "girl talk", to going out to 'Painting with a Twist'. 

Each month for the program, there is a certain theme for the month. So, I decided to work the themes into my own lesson plans that I created. The overall product of my capstone project are the relationships that were built during these last few months. It makes me feel good to know that each month, the girls were looking forward to seeing me and having fun. I learned that this "big sister, little sister" idea is honestly beneficial. Having someone to look up to for advice, guidance, and just having someone to talk to is a good feeling, and that is what I wanted for those girls.

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