CSheridan;BlogPost #4

Blog Post #4
Blog Post #4
Conversation Question: What is the daily life a person living in your country like?


•  What will be your topic of conversation be?

I will try to find out what a typical day in the life of a person living in their country is like. I will inquire about what time people usually go to work, eat lunch and dinner. I also want to know what people do on their weekends.

•  What are 5 questions related to your conversation goal that you can think of ahead of time to ask your partner?

1. What time you wake up and you go to bed?

2. What time do you eat lunch?

3. When do you have work?

4. Do you go to church on Sundays?

5. What do you do for fun on the weekends?

6. How are the current economic problems affecting people you know?

•  What are you looking forward to about this conversation?

I am looking forward to having a long, sustained conversation because I have so many questions to get answered. I am also looking to share things about the United States, especially Philadelphia, with the person I talk to.

•  What are you nervous about?

I have gotten so used to sharedtalk that I am not nervous about anything. I am only feeling excited to get the conversation started because I have an interesting conversation question that I can't wait to get answered.