Cyndi Lynn Sheridan

Y – American History

September 23, 2011

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Immigration Visualization Reflection:


After doing some research, it was interesting realizing how much of a struggle immigration seemed to be within society. Each decade consisted of different reasons to why there was either an increase or decrease in the amount of immigrants traveling over to America. I already knew that the United States was involved with several wars, so this crisis would have a significant impact on immigration. Today, the United States is facing a huge economic crisis leaving a large percentage of citizens unemployed, so if the graph would continue for the next two decades the quantity of immigration would slightly decrease. I say this because although there are some problems occurring, our country has a lot to offer regarding education and domestic necessities. We usually are able to rebuild the society as a whole, making the life style of citizens peaceful.

My group and I decided that it’s imperative to incorporate pictures for each decade. This would make it easier to portray the events going on during that specific period of time. Also, we created graphs to help analyze the amount of immigrants towards the total population. We thought all of these things would be best effective for describing the relationship between immigration and population. I feel as though the part that was challenging for my group was figuring out what presentation tool we were going to use, as well as making a graph for each individual decade. In addition, it was difficult putting each piece of the project together making an organized and efficient presentation. If I had to do this project all over again, I would do a few things differently. These include: making the Lucid chart bigger so it’s clearer to see the pictures and graphs, and manage our time better. It took a long amount of time coming to the conclusion on what application to use, having a decrease in the amount of time to actually work and research the information.

Comments (4)

Cyndilynn Sheridan (Student 2013)
Cyndilynn Sheridan

Thank you for your constructive comments. Our main purpose was to have an organized and informative presentation that will both engage the reader, but also provided them with pictures of significant events that had occurred every decade. I appreciate everyone's feedback.

Allison Patterson (Student 2013)
Allison Patterson

I actually enjoy the placement of your numbers verses the pictures. I think typically the eye thinks the pictures should come first changing that makes you think about the picture process more information.

Katherine Hatzidais (Student 2013)
Katherine Hatzidais

I enjoyed this visualization very much. I liked how you included the actual numbers, a few pictures, and then a graph to show the level of immigration into the US during those time periods. It was well organized too.

Manna-Symone Middlebrooks (Student 2013)
Manna-Symone Middlebrooks

Your contrast between numbers, graphs, and pictures is quite interesting. The placement of the information is at first a bit confusing, but that requires the viewer to figure it out. I like that it makes you think and become fully engaged.