Cuba (Moore-Williams and Doroba)

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Teige Dougherty (Student 2014)
Teige Dougherty

I really like the layout of the pictures The text on the slides are very clear The voice over is nice the transitons are smooth The pictures are crisp and sharp.

Recomendations Maybe try resizing it, sometimes the title gets cut off Slow down the changing of slides

Daniel Tuveson (Student 2014)
Daniel Tuveson

I like how your slideshow is the proper length of time, unlike some of the other people. The sentences and phrases use proper grammar/spelling. The slides are very well designed. The dialogue shows a lot of thought. The images are clean and not blurry. I think that you could have added a little more description about the place. Also, it is sometimes hard to read the words on the slide when something of the same color of the font is behind it.

Peter Ricker (Student 2015)
Peter Ricker

Hi, nice job with the layout and slide time. gave me enough time to read everything at a good pace. next time, speed it up a little just to add more enthusiasm.