Culture and Music

Song: Flawed design

Artist: Stabilo

Culture: Family trust

Genre: Alternative


What moves me: Their voice, and the lyrics.


I’v been listening to Stabilo for 3 years so far. Flawed Design was my first song I heard by them, and I instantly loved their music. It’s got a really good beat, and the story behind the song is really interesting.


The lead singer describes the hardship of getting over imperfections and flaws, and making the best with what he had. He tells his girlfriend that even though he keeps lying, he’s trying the best he can to be faithful, and he’s still a good person at heart. In the video, it shows several different people lying about their flaws, including treason, cheating, bribery, trust, and temptation.


I feel this is a great song and is relevant to my culture because it talks about how hard it is to trust other people.  My family itself values trust a lot. This is the case because my Mom constantly thinks my sister and I are doing something bad behind her back; sometimes that’s true. But when everyone understands that we all make mistakes, we become a closer family.     



You have to take the time to become close to another person (and trust them) and even when they mess up, you have to learn to forgive. Every person’s imperfect, and once we realize that, a persons mistakes won’t seem as bad anymore.

Stabilo - Flawed Design