Cut out Image//Gabriella Torres

The way I found negative space in my picture is my using my artist eye. I looked at the image I had to cut out which was a tree.What I saw that the light blue sheet I wanted to make it the negative space. I am putting the dark blue sheet on top of it, which makes the blue negative and helps form a picture with the dark blue sheets.

I believe that it helps an artist to see negative space. Seeing negative space can bring out the image so the viewers can interpret the way of the image they chose to present. Negative space is important as positive space The artist wants to make sure that the background is not too big so the image in focus is not in focus and vise versa because if not followed the image will be deformed and will not be able to see what the actual image would of been.

I believe negative space in an image enhances the image, because you can see more detail in the image from the different contrasts. You can see two different ways with both the negative space and the positive space. The negative space will bring out the image and can help the viewer see the image.