Cuts in the Budget

The school district of Philadelphia has set forth severally strict budget cuts. In total they are cutting 1.1 billion dollars. This effects me very strongly because both of my new advisors are being laid off because of the budget cuts. Another way that this affects me, is that all sports are being cut off at this school, and I was hoping to play soccer next year. Now I won't be able to do this.
There is money for the districts but instead of putting the money toward us they put it toward building more jails. This is because it costs the school district close to $4000 per child, and it costs only $3500 to keep a prisoner incarcerated.
Their reasoning for cutting the money is simple. They say that we have been over funded for the past couple of years and we are just being returned to our normal funding. 
I wonder if all school districts are going through the same thing or if it has been mismanaged. I will research other states budget cuts and see if they cut education as much as they did in Philadelphia