Cuts in the Budget 3.0

Do you receive a trans pass from the school district, in order to get to and from school? Well, until today there was a chance that that could have been cut from the budget. Thankfully SEPTA released a statement saying that it will continue to bargain with the school district of Philadelphia. This relieves many parents and students of the stress of finding out how to take their child to school, or finding out how to pay for the public transportation.

I know it sounds easy to pay the 2 dollars for a normal bus to school, but most people don't realize that some people have to take the trolley or multiple buses. This can turn out to be very costly if you are taking 3 buses to get to school in the morning and 3 buses to get back home at night. Then you will have to do that 180 days. This all adds up to a grand total of $2160. This is way out of the realm of possibility for some families. This money could be put toward furthering a students education, like college but instead these families might not be able to afford to send their child to school everyday of the week. This could increase the drop out rate and again increase the incarceration rate because the students will have to find a way to make money for school, but won't be able to get a job because of their current education status.