Cynthia To Capstone

For my capstone, I have realized this year a bunch of high school students including myself have been really stressed with the transition of a shorter school year, the college process, benchmarks/projects, work, SAT/ACT, and etc. I wanted to find a better way for us to relieve that stress and what is not a better way than Playful therapy. A playful therapy allows people who are stress to express their thoughts without having to speak while they are having fun. The goal of my capstone was finding the best ways for teens to distress and understanding why we stress.

For my process, I have interviewed people who were really stress to people who don’t even stress that often to see what they do to cool down the stress level and if that really worked. After that, I started to research for the best of the best ways teens can maintain their stress level and why teens stress so often. From the research, I have made my events: making slime day to yoga to walking outside and lastly to playing games with your friends. I was really surprise that the students who came to the events enjoyed it and said that it have helped them a lot and they will do this more often. Since the events have helped my clients, I wanted to also make a website for anyone can go to distress while having fun.

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Making Slime Day!
Yoga Day!
​Walking outside to clear some thoughts and for fresh air!
Games with the people you can count on!