Daddy Duties; The Birth Of Seahorses

Science- Seahorses are one of a kind. Like all species, before starting a family, they have to chose their partner. Once doing so, a female and male will part take in a dancing ritual which they must swim in-sync. A female, with a rough and pointed abdominal area meets with the male, smooth and round area (recalled to as a pouch). When it is time to mate, the female will deliver/hand off the eggs to the male's pouch, which he will carry for 45 days. At this stage, a female is capable to have 1,500 or more eggs. Once the eggs are handed off to the male, the female leaves to produce more eggs with another male, yet still comes back to check up on the male daily. While the father is carrying the eggs, his body begins to change. Similar to a human's body, his stomach will expand due to the production of embryos. Just when it is time, the male's body will release (sort of pop) the young seahorses right out of their pouch. In that process, like a woman whose water breaks, a seahorse's 3,000 genes are broken down. Soon after birth, the youngs are left alone to care for themselves. 

Society- This is a unique style of birth, that many are not aware of. We are so consumed of this idea that females are the one who carries a child. Clearly, the birth of seahorses show wrong. We are similar to many other species that many would not believe to be true and it is fascinating that a male is capable to carry their child/children. 

Self- Some time in my life, I've always had this idea that some kind of male creature was able to give birth to their child. I had not really looked into it because in reality or from what many and I have been exposed to, a woman is typically the one to carry a child. So I thought what better way to look into this theory and find out on my own. This was fascinating and it really answered my thoughts. 

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