Damage Has Been Done

If fairness was rewarded,

It would pertain to me,

My life,

That of a great king,

I am certain that greatness is of me,

At the beginning,

Drowned in the unknowing,

As pure as the fresh from the womb,

My fire taking me to the top,

I at once was given the chance,

The chance to become one of the best,

At that, my problems on the horizon,

Come soon, come fast,

Not one or two,

They came in three,

With the purpose of reaping my destiny,

I heard of the idea to be king,

King mighty king is supposed to be me,

I hear of Banquo to bear lines of fruit,

But I hear of me being king,

The fear the fear,

It’s there I hear,

To hurt and harm for my goal thats near,

From Cawdor to the kingdom, I see my fate,

Take Duncan to doom,

Or keep ease with fate,

Little do I no, they were there to play,

The wife and witches made my bed,

Soon it shall be,

Many will be dead,

I did it the deed,

One that has made many seethe,

The want for power, My thirst took me to acquire,

The king be gone for I am here,

I shall rule,

What an adventure that waits ahead,

My goodness used for evil,

Again the wife and the witches,

Tug on the strings that is me,

The dream is accomplished,

I am now he,

The one with it all,

But yet there is one key,

The threat of Banquo is that of his line,

Spoken from the mouths of the mystical divine,

The work put in for the prize of someone else,

I have to stop this,

For no one can be safe,

Neither Thane nor wife,

Deep in the night may plan takes action,

Gone awry by the true issue escaping from my grasp,

What evil lurks to take my crown,

It can’t happen,

It won’t happen,

Doubters beware,

For I Macbeth is here,

It has now come to blows,

Anyone who does not believe,

Will have to go,

Overtime I make my presence known,

Scotland has now come to see,

Everything that happens will be seen and done through me,

To hell with the idiots that call themselves royals or even citizens,

My time has come to be obtained by the more important,

Maintaining my prestigious rank as the great king,

I have killed the foes that walk my way,

Sometimes for no reason,

Probably to play,

At last they come,

The traitors unite,

At first not scared my debt had been assured,

Here comes Macbeth with the threat to slay me,

No fears to be had, laughter actually comes through,

That is till he announced being ripped from the womb,

At that moment all dreams had crashed,

Just as my head came off with just one gash,

To think I had once been the fighter to be,

And them king with the citizens bowing at my feet,

Many decisions made be me,

But don’t forget,

It was the females who pushed me.

My goal for this project was to make sure that readers could understand my point of view without me having to flat out say it. This was meant to get a full understanding of Macbeth's story from fame to death, and to get to know why everything wasn't his fault.