Daniel Trifka Capstone

Since September I have been researching radios and how they work. I have managed to learn enough to build a fully functional radio with parts I got from the CTE Engineering room or older radios I had in my house. I mainly researched the components found in a radio, specifically their purpose. I also had to look at the different types of radios I could make because many schematics had drastic changes such as the number of transistors or whether or not it had a variable capacitor. I found out how hard this project was whenever I would get stuck in situations where I had no clue what went wrong. With my little to no experience, this happened a lot and I would be stuck just hearing static for days, but with the help of my mentors, I overcame those situations and completed my capstone.

I had a reason to make this more than a capstone and that was to make a gift for my grandpa who has worked with radios his entire life. Through the experience of learning about radios, I know what it was like for him to work on such complex circuits. At the end of this long journey, I am proud of all the work I have put into making something that is useful but also something that means a lot to my grandpa, and seeing him know I got into something he is into making this project worth every minute.