Danielle Little's Room.

In Art class we focus on drawling simple shapes, to create a bigger master piece. Our assignment was to draw the Art Studio, veiwng from one part of the room.
First  we had to locate the center of the paper. Once you find the cnt point you had to create a rectangle equally around the center point. After you make the rectangle, you have to create the ceiling tiles. Next, you draw all the windows and blinds. Later you draw in all the details of the room, using the shapes and methods we learned.
The easy part about this part was actually drawling. The hard part was understanding how to draw each shape as it needs to be.

Gabe Beresin, complete the assignment very well. His details of the room are on point.
Gabe's Drawling, is a prime example to the assignment. He showed details in each little part of the room. His ceiling, and windows is well designed.
Photo on 2011-04-04 at 09.34
Photo on 2011-04-04 at 09.34