Danny Wirt Scarlet Letter/ Juno mini project

In every day life, everyone is exposed to these labels; labels that define them and give them a place in the world. These labels can be placed on someone by the way they look, act, dress, their job, etc. This is exactly the point that I tried to make in my presentation. I tried taking something that is real, like a radio show and having real people talk on it. Maybe these people aren’t really alive, but that doesn’t mean that the labels that the people talking on the radio show display aren’t real. Everyone has a label, and the way that they act is reflected from this label. I really wanted to take to very common labels in high school, the jock and the popular girl. Both having this label and expectation that they need to live up to what they are.

The reason I ended up choosing these two specific roles in high school is because I feel they are the two roles that people can relate to the most. Whether they the jock or the popular girl, or someone who was affected by them, it is still represented throughout the typical high school scene. I really wanted the people talking to not only have the background of the label, but I wanted the way they talked to reflect it too. For instance, as I acted out the jock, I talked with a deep voice because when you think of a football player you think of a big muscular guy with a deep voice, and perhaps not the best talker. As I moved onto the popular girl I wanted her to talk really badly. Having her sentences messed up and for her to still be consumed in the label that she once had.

I really think I was able to capture the roles of the two labels in the two people that I represented in the radio show. I also think I was able to capture a typical radio host’s enthusiastic tone. I tried making it as smooth and as natural as possible and that is something that I think that I was able to capture really well. I really wanted the background music to flow with the conversations.

Equally I think something that could have been a little better is exactly what I did well with. I could have maybe elaborated the back-story of the two characters I created. With my first character, the jock, I think I made it clear that he realized he had this label on him, but with my second character I may not have made it clear that the popular girl still felt like she had this need to fill the label she was given. I also feel as though I could have perhaps looked into how other radio shows host their shows. It may have helped me in my creation since I don’t know much on how radio shows are run.

If think if I were to do this project over again, that I would work more on my second character. I also had thought about putting in more characters. My idea to stick with just two characters I believe is enough so that the person listening can sit and analyze the points I tried making, I would still stick with the labels that I chose, however if I were to add another person, I would want to take a completely different direction. Take it from the role of someone that may not seem to make a huge impact on the high school scene. Perhaps that person who isn’t the most well known person, but isn’t the one being teased; the middleman. It may have given the final product a bit of a twist with having such a big difference in characters and maybe kept the listener more interested.