Darius Purnell Art Gallery

​My goal for each assignment given was to put my own spin into as well as have it relate back to my personal interest. The first art piece is my ceiling tile. As a comic book and super hero fan, I am constantly asked one question "Marvel or DC". I could never decide. All that comes to mind is a future movie saga of Marvel Universe vs. DC Nation. What better design for the assignment of making a ceiling tile that will be seen as long as the school continues at this building than my fan art poster? My process to design this poster was to first get a rough design digitally. I first found a cool Marvel logo and a cool DC logo. I then found a fancy "VS" sign. I then made a rough sketch on the tile using horizontal  and vertical lines to allow me to have straight lines of words and an origin. To finish the sketches before I painted. i made series of lines and drawing from my original four lines. My next piece was a free draw. i choose to use this assignment to create a title for a play I am working on; "The Slithering Snake, The Abiding Angel & The Innocent Soul". The key items from the play is a snake, a gun, and a ribbon with the name Emily Johnson written on it. The process for this drawing to me about 3 hours. I first drew 4 different guns on sheets of paper, 3 different snake poses on another, and 7 different ribbon folds. Once I found the proper gun, snake pose, and ribbon fold, i then drew each of the three items three more times very lightly. Next I brain stormed how I wanted them to connect. Once I came up with a concept I then drew each item on separate pages with missing spots where the other items will cover. In a way I used layers to draw my final picture. My self portrait is the next work of art in my slide show. I started out with drawing my head and dividing it into sections to make out my eyes, nose, and mouth. From there I focused on small features such as my cheeks and complexion for shading. Next I focused on hair, I drew my hair line and shaded my hair. I drew my eyebrows, mustache, small beard, and side burns and shaded them in. Finally I drew my glasses, headphones, and shirt. My final piece is cut outs of bats. I could have taken a route of making them look close to a normal bat but instead I decided to make batman bat symbols.