Darius Purnell Final Art Show 2016

For my final art pieces i wanted to keep it random but I ended but keeping a theme of superheroes when lost for ideas.

The first piece which wasn’t my choice of subject was of a replica of The Thinker in The Rodin Museum Garden. I wanted to make the piece my own so I purposely left out the face, feet and hands. I also tried to limit texture just to add a new look. I changed the hair but adding more to it and making it thicker.

My first 4 hour piece I did a character analysis of a villain from a story I write on the side; The Ghost. I drew a detailed sketch of his helmet, gauntlets, boots and clothing. I also took the time to point out each aspect of the pictures.

Second 4 hour art piece, I drew a ;lesser detailed picture of a hero that would appear later on in the story that my fictional villain is from; The Electron. I took the time to try to draw out his muscle features and I spent a long time playing with different costume detail designs and hairstyles. After I finished, I noticed I forgot the legs so i drew a quick sketch with my last ten minutes as well as a hand showing off his powers.

The last 4 hour art piece, I did a deadpool sketch out of memory. I did many layers. I first did an outline. Then I took another paper and drew his armor and pads. My third piece of paper I drew his under armor. Finally I added everything together on a last piece of paper and sketched a bear on the other side of the piece. I also added my own spin by putting a chimichanga in his hand instead of a gun.