David Ashmare Jr. Reflection

  1. What suggestions would you make in order to improve this project for next time?
  2. What advice would you give yourself (or someone else) to be successful for the next project?

This project gave you some guidelines, and then set you free to learn anatomy, be creative, and manage your own time. Finish the following sentences:

  1. The thing about this kind of learning that works best for me is….
  2. The thing about this kind of learning that is a challenge for me is...

I liked the whole general idea of the project. I've never had one or encountered one like this. We had to basically raise a baby. I think one way to improve the project, is to not have healthy babies. That's so normal and boring. My baby had PKU. I never even heard of PKU before this project. It taught me a lot about how people with this disease have to live a different life. They have to be on a strict diet or they would be at risk. With more out of the box diseases and disorders, I think it will make things more interesting.
The advice I would give someone else would be to choose their partner wisely. I know, I'm a senior and I'm still having trouble with choosing my partner over my friends. They also shouldn't assume that someone will get their work done. It would just be smooth sailing if one chooses someone who is reliable, hard working because they project isn't that hard, unless you make it difficult. I would definitely take my own advice next time. I love my partner as a friend, but when working, I should know by now how I work and how she works and it just didn't work out as well as I imagined.
The thing about this kind of learning that works best for me is the fact that it teaches me to be independent. I rely less on being told exactly what to do step by step. This is something I have to continue improving at because in college I'm pretty sure I'm going to encounter this type of learning. However, something that was a challenge for me was turning my creative hat on. I'm not creative at all. I like being told that teachers want the work to look like this or have this certain type of information because then I don't have to think outside the box. It's all right there in front of me, which is how I prefer to learn because then I know I can put in 110% of my effort into making sure that the work I turn in is what the teacher asked and then some.