Dayona McNeil Capstone

​Student Name: Dayona McNeil

Mentor: Anthony Betts 

Topic Summary: For my capstone I decided to write a short novel. My topic for this book is urban fiction. It's about a young teenage girl who's living with her little brother/sister and has to take care of them. Their mom died, and their dad comes around a few times but doesn't care anything for them. The young teenager girl has to provide for her brother & sister by herself and doesn't have a job. In this book, people will read about this young teenager life and what she goes through.

Project Abstract: I decided to write a short novel for my capstone because one of my goals later on in life is to write a book. I read a lot of urban fiction books and the authors have inspired me to write a book. I decided to write this short novel because it is like a start to my new book. I just hope my short novel can relate to a lot of teenagers like those urban fiction books I been reading related to me. 


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These 8 links are links of my favorite books by my favorite authors. I chose to use these books as some of my sources because these are the books that really inspired me to start writing and where I got a lot of my ideas. These are urban fiction books and I can relate to them as a teenager.

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This is a link of a movie. I decided to use this specific movie because this is a like one of those urban fiction books turned into a movie. This movie is called Precious and it has a lot to do with the things that happens in these different types of urban fiction books. I think this is a great source.

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 I chose to use some people in my family as sources because they also helped me a lot. They read over my novel when I needed them too, gave me their opinion and just gave me the motivation that I needed.

Betts, Anthony. Personal Interview 2 May 2013.

For my last source I used my mentor. My mentor has been helping me since I started this novel. I didn’t exactly let him read it but he did help me out with ideas also. I let him read it when I was finish and he told me it was perfect.