Days of the Week

When learning the days of the week in Spanish, there are several things that you should know, including-

-the days of the week (monday through sunday)
-the correct pronunciation
-how to use them correctly

Here is a chart to help you learn the days-

Screen Shot 2011-10-23 at 8.58.25 PM

When you are speaking Spanish, you should also have the correct pronunciations. Here are the pronunciations for the days of the week-

lunes (Monday)- LOOH-nayss
martes (Tuesday)- MAHR-tayss 

miercoles (Wednesday)- mee-AIR-coh-layss
jueves (Thurday)- WHAY-vayss
viernes (Friday)- vee-AIR-nayss
sabado (Saturday)- SAH-bah-doh
domingo (Sunday)- doh-MEEN-goh

If you would like to here these words said out loud, go here- If you would like to here a song to help you remember the days of the week and their pronunciations, go here- Feel free to watch this video as many times as you like. 

Some things to remember when you are learning the spanish days of the week are- 

-in Spanish-speaking countries, the week begins on Monday (lunes)
-the days of the week are not capitalized.
-they are masculine, so when referring to them, you would use the word "el"

Now that you know these things, you are ready to go use the Spanish days of the week in real life! 

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