Deadly Reigns: The First Of A Trilogy

Where do I even start? Oh my, this book is amazing. “Deadly Reigns,” by Teri Woods is an urban suspense thriller. I could not put this book down at all. The plot, characters, the writing style, everything about the novel made me just want more. “Deadly Reigns,” is one of three books based on the Reigns family. The setting of the book takes place in Texas. The Reigns family consist of Princess, Damian, and Dante Reigns. Princess Reigns, ruthless, dangerous, and conniving, & does anything to get what she wants. Damian Reigns, intelligent, humble, too dangerous, and knows what he wants. Dante Reigns, dangerous, manipulative, murderous, and gets what Damian wants. Overall, this book gave me what I was looking for. The description, the characters being relatable, the plot itself being captivating, it all engaged me as a reader.

The Reigns family has been targeted by many groups, such as the local police, CIA, and FBI, but all have failed. The Reigns Family is drop dead gorgeous, wealthy, educated, closed off, and protected. As far as anyone is concerned, The Reigns are impenetrable. Damian Reigns, is the head of the family. Damian is a Harvard graduate in Business and own the family enterprise worth billions of dollars. Damian is handsome, mild mannered, and strategic. Dante is his brother. Dante is a Princeton graduate with a degree in psychology. Not only is he handsome, but he’s hot-headed. Their older sister, Princess. She’s beautiful and smart, too.  You might be wondering, if these siblings are educated, come from a good home, why are they being targeted by the CIA & FBI...Well to answer your question, not only does the family own most of Texas, due to the number of restaurants, laundromats, local business, and buildings they own, they are the largest drug distributor in the South.

The FBI has been trying to take down the Reign’s Cartel for years, but have failed miserably. As their last resort, they send in one of their finest agents, to penetrate the family. Grace Moore. Grace is young and beautiful and believes that she can get the job done. Grace is sent in to seduce Damian, as Jonel. In addition to the FBI, their sister, Princess is gunning for Dante and Damians head. She wants the Empire, and will stop at nothing to get it back. As far as Grace is concerned, can she get the job down, without falling for the Head of the Cartel himself?

Teri Woods did an amazing job writing this book. I could honestly not put it down. Her writing just captured me. I felt like I became a character in the book. An expert from the book read,

Dante emerged from the black H2 Hummer. WEaring black sunglasses, a black suit, a long, black, trench and black, leather gloves, he looked sorely out of place in colorful, sunny, south Florida. He didn’t give a shit.

His business here today would be brief, as he had come to Florida for one single purpose: to kill the man who had sent the assholes on jet skies. It was business, but at the same time, it would be a pleasure.

Reading this, I could see exactly what I was going on. I could imagine his facial expression and his surroundings. Everything about the book just said yes. I had to keep reading until I was finished.

As far as the rest of the story and plot is concerned, you have to read it to find out what happens. The Reigns family is powerful and has an endless amount of resources. However, as the war between the FBI & The Reigns, the FBI become desperate when agents start to go missing. Therefore, resorting to Grace to finish the job, and take down this family. But Damian and Dante are no fools, but neither are the FBI. So, can the Reign brothers outsmart their sister, the FBI, and Grace?

Deadly Reigns, Teri Woods, Teri Woods, September 4, 2012, 344, Urban fiction

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