Decisions, Decisions, Decisions by Matthew Hamilton

Have you ever dared to be different than the people around you? This is a story about my mother and her leap away from her family's tradition. 


   In my opinion crossing boundaries means to leave something from your past behind with the potential to strengthen your present life. I think that crossing boundaries can either be a good or a bad thing. It can be good because if it works it could make your life fuller and richer, but if it doesn’t it could make your life miserable. You could possibly lose everything if you make a decision to cross a boundary and it doesn’t work out for you. However sometimes even if you think something is not working out, you are learning at the same time and can grow from the experience. Crossing any boundary and doing things outside of your familiar norm is taking a chance but it could be a fantastic chance to try new things.

    While doing the interview with my mother I learned that I actually have a lot more freedom with my life than I thought I had before. That was a very liberating concept, but also a scary one, as it opens up a lot of choices for my future. The fact that her parents didn’t understand what she was doing and she kept persevering gave me inspiration for possibilities in my life.

 The hardest part of this assignment was keeping track of which part of the interview was already done, because it is not like a paper where it is all right in front of you. I agree with all of the comments from my peers because I know that sometimes the music overpowers the voices. During this project I realized that once I got the hang of it, it was pretty easy to edit audio in garage band, it just took longer than expected. 

Q3 english podcast (mom interview) final

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