Declaration of Sentiments Analysis and Reflection

A big thing that the women in the Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention wanted to be the main idea taken away was that women wanted to no longer wanted to be possessions and also to be able to own possessions. The women that attended the convention clearly showed their wishes such as the ability to consult federal documents, the ability to vote, independency from their husbands, and equal opportunity to education and income. A difference I saw while analysing the real Declaration of Sentiments and the one made in class was that there was a similarity where they both wish for women to have a voice. Each in their own thorough way described what exactly they wished when it came to having a voice. In the classes Declaration of Sentiments we wish for a chance for freedom of any choice that wish when it comes to federal choices or domestic choices. The official Declaration of Sentiments speaks more on the perspective of the freedom the women wished to receive.