Define Privacy

While watching "Enemy of the State" I probably shook my head so many times that I will probably have a whiplash. The government was portrayed so bad in this movie. I'm not going to generalize but I'm just going to say that SOMEONE and his group of minions were using their power in such a bad manner. First of all, the villain killed someone in the government. I mean I don't think this happen in real life, and I hope not, but to go to the extend of killing someone just because they didn't agree to the things that he wanted him to do is just plain wrong. The second part was trying to kill another person who holds the information to spill the bad deed that he did. Well, it's not their fault that the guy died but they were the reason why he died. They used their power on people and used technology in a bad way that invaded people's privacy. 

When talking about privacy, the plot of this movie has none. The people in the movie does not respect the privacy of other people. There was a part where they were looking at Will Smith's background with his ex-girlfriend. They looked at his bank account and even sticked their nose in his private life like his past relationship! I mean, I don't want people to know what i did back back because past is past. Also when the old crusty villain told his minions to dig some dirty deeds so that "no one will believe him before he talks". I mean, he's in the government and he's the one doing the bad things. Will is not a terrorist, just a threat to him and he's using all these things to invade his privacy! And there were no judge to ask permission to, no warrants, no whatsoever! They were even trespassing in some of the scenes! I think, the government should only know the basics information about me. Like the schools that I go to, where I live, what kind of job I have, like that. Not my bank account or past love interest. 

My only concern about this is that, what if people inside the country abuse this power. It's not going to be the terrorist but the citizens who use it for their own selfish actions. We're going to be the enemy of each other and this will be a whole different problem that we have to solve. The only question is, how can we have this power without abusing it?